Ann Arbor Community of Traditional Music and Dance

Dawn Dance Weekend
Dawn Dance Weekend
Callers: Susan Kevra, Joseph Pimentel
Contra: Night Watch
English: Paul Oorts, Dave Wiesler, Mary Lea
February 20 - 22, 2015

Contra plus English: two great dance weekends in one!

Clague Middle School, 2616 Nixon Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105

Calling Both Contra and English:
Susan Kevra and Joseph Pimentel

Contra Band: Night Watch (Owen Morrison, Naomi Morse, Jeremiah McLane)

English Band: Paul Oorts, Dave Wiesler, Mary Lea

Sound in the main gym by Jamie Platt: The Sound Guy

We participate in the CDSS Passport to Joy . Get your passport stamped here.

Local Dancers: Host out-of-town dancers

If you’re planning on attending Dawn Dance (or even if you’re not!) a delightful way to enhance your Dawn Dance weekend experience while giving back to the dance community at large is to host an out-of-town dancer. We need your help if you have a little space (even a couch) and can host a dancer or two for the weekend. This is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your fellow dancers. Email Nancy Meadow at nancymeadow@gmail.com or call: 734-663-2037.

Work Scholarships Available: Free admission to the weekend in exchange for about 6-7 hours of work, mostly set-up and clean-up in the snack area, scheduled to minimize the amount of time you have to miss dancing. Contact Arlene Kindel at arkindel@comcast.net or (734) 646-4835.

Please consider volunteering to help during the Weekend!

Questions, need help, email:  ddw@aactmad.org or call 734-476-4650